Status report, random babble, The Plan

Not a lot happening this week, aside from assorted running around and dealing with Wump’s after-school activities. I see this getting steadily more insane as she gets older (she already wants to do a third activity, and Toop hasn’t even started any yet), but I suppose we’ll get by.

I’m low-key starting to work on notes and structures and assorted messing around for Book 2 of my latest series, Oræl Rides to War. My editors are working hard on Book 1 and we’re holding the release party in mid-October, come what may.

The new book, I think, will be one of the coolest things I’ve written, at least from my own perspective. I had my doubts about it – Bad Cow has a lot of mystobabble and philosophy and stuff, and might be difficult – but then a couple of characters showed up unexpectedly and … it’s going to be fun to write, and hopefully to read. And I seem to recall that Eejit was similarly challenging before the rest of The Final Fall of Man settled into rhythm.

Eejit wasn’t 700+ pages long, o’course…

Still, going well. And the great news is, I’m more or less over my Amazon-payments threshold for July and August that I will be able to pay for Worldcon 77 memberships for myself and the whole family already by the end of this month, without breaking my day-to-day bank account.

The plan, if I haven’t laid it out here before, is to take each month’s scattering of Amazon payments and transfer them into my savings account. Then, as the months and years go by, I will save up funds there so that by the time Worldcon 77 in Dublin 2019 arrives, I will have been able to pay for the whole thing – airfares, hotel, memberships and all – using my, as it were, talent as an author of speculative fiction.

If I can’t manage that, I’ll augment it with funds derived from my skill as a technical writer … but so far, with just a couple of months’ saving undertaken, it seems to be looking extremely doable.

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