Training Day (2)

So far so good. Today it’s more of the same, with minor variations for graphics and other messing around.

Another day without a whole lot to add, unfortunately. I had a kick-off meeting with my cousin-in-law Chris last night, to talk about a map that may or may not end up in the second book of my new series.

Yes, I’ve finally made it to Map.


Speaking of maps, did I ever post my map of Cursèd’s Playground? Well, here it is (full size). Enjoy.

Also speaking of maps, better get this document ready for XML conversion.

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2 Responses to Training Day (2)

  1. stchucky says:

    I don’t know how the Hell pictures work in this program anymore. It used to be that you could click a big picture like this and jump to the full-sized image. Now, it just seems to adjust for screen size and that’s it. Doesn’t seem to be any option for changing it either.

    Oh well.

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