Another weekender

Yesterday, zoo.

Today, yard work.

We just got through the new Marvel series, The Defenders, last night. It was mildly entertaining but really, what was that plot? I think it mostly wasn’t helped by the fact that ninja societies as bad guys bore the absolute shit out of me, and Luke Cage was the only character and motivation I cared about even slightly.

For real. I didn’t like any of the other Defenders that much, and his goal was just more relatable than the giant “meh” that the other three offered. In terms of rooting for characters and plots, my list was 1) Cage, 2) Alexandra, distant-3) Everybody else in a big bland pile.

Now we’re watching Star Trek Enterprise for the first actual time. It’s not awful, although I still have to pretend that opening theme isn’t a thing. Man, humans are obnoxious.

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