Ropecon 3: The One With Pictures

Day 127. 158 pages, 73,747 words.

Like I said, not too many pictures this year for Ropecon but I would be remiss in my blogging duties (and would also have to come up with some other blog post to make) if I didn’t throw down some highlights.

It was another great year and although I didn’t go full spandex, I did Old Luke up for my first full-on non-ironically-self-aware nerd cosplay on Saturday, and then went for the more generic (and approximately 15°C cooler) steampunk attire on Sunday. And it was with a sad little lurch that I cut the weekend pass wristband off on Sunday evening.

Ah well, Worldcon is just two weeks away! Actually less, since it starts on Wednesday / Thursday. Shit, there’s a lot to do before then.


As mentioned, my Old Luke costume was very warm. I want extra points not only for the solid Viking-fair linen shirt, but the fact that I had a HothCon T-shirt on underneath all that. Just for added meta-layers.

I also had a special hand-made robot hand of the finest quality gaffa tape, because the robot hand I ordered from Amazon didn’t turn up in time so now I have a pointless robot hand in the mail. I think this was actually cooler, in that self-made cosplay authenticity sense.


Ran into an adorable young Imperial officer named Daniel who was enjoying the atmosphere greatly. He was so excited to have found me.


The girls did some miniature painting.


And a lot of bouncy castling.

They also did some boffering. My stupid WordPress is refusing to consistently show the pictures, but they were having a lot of fun although Wump, used to soundly defeating the roleplayers when she boffered with them, was sad when she got killed within three seconds every time the armies charged.

Guess she’s just going to have to learn that boffer battles are serious business at Ropecon!


Oh, and this year also apparently marks the year those T-rex costumes you keep seeing in YouTube prank videos became available on Amazon. A whole gang of them showed up and Wump got a hug.

Then she grabbed a boffer halberd and started beating the tar out of them from behind.

That was Ropecon 2017. Another winning year.


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