The Fantastical Writomotron

Day 121. 139 pages, 64,041 words.

Last week, I was blessed – blessed, I tell you – to be pointed in the direction of another in the Internet’s growing list of AIs, semi-AIs and faux-AIs that have been developed to make our lives that much more hilarious, while at the same time vaguely worrying in a what-happens-when-they-actually-become-sentient-and-realise-what-we’ve-done-to-them sort of way.

I give you … the story plot generator.

Here is the story that started it all, put together by the generator with input from a friend of mine. In it, you see an adventure from the life of Hatboy and Mrs. Hatboy, as well as a sure sign that soon, even authors such as myself will be supplanted by machines.

Here’s the blurb to a paranormal romance the AI wrote about dreameling!


Hint: yes!

There’s a heap of generators there. So much fun. So much time to waste. Dear me.

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2 Responses to The Fantastical Writomotron

  1. dreameling says:


    I’m so confused and conflicted right now. Is this a paranormal romance or a bestiality romance? Is there even a difference?

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