Day 118. 124 pages, 57,188 words.

As my Saturday entry for the pre-written blog post weekend spectacular, I give you Bright, the new movie coming to Netflix at the end of the year.

“Welcome to Middle Earth.”
Had to be said.

This looks neat, for basically the same reason I loved Alien Nation. It takes something fictional, and warps it into an alternate-universe reality setting. Modernised / futurised high fantasy is also a sub-genre I’m particularly interested in, since it’s basically where I live.

This one isn’t excactly high fantasy sci-fi, but it looks like Zootopia reimagined for the high fantasy genre, and it has a lot of really great talent in it.

And yes, I include Will Smith in that, because while I’ve been underwhelmed by basically every movie I’ve seen him in since Independence Day, I’ve liked him in all of them. Which, now I actually analyse that, is sort of weird.

Oh well. It also has Brad William Henke, probably playing an orc but who knows … he was in my top three favourite characters in Orange is the New Black, an excellent actor. I’m looking forward to seeing how this turns out.

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