Worldcon, again

Day 116. 121 pages, 55,650 words. Ahh fuck me, I think I just realised why this is taking me so long, it’s because I don’t want to write what I know has to happen.

Worldcon is a go!



My profile is in place (I don’t know if they fixed the line break but it looked fine on my PC), the panels and events are shaping up and I’m going to take all of Thursday, and as much of Wednesday and Friday, off as I can.

All that remains is to figure out a costume. How terrible I am at this.

The “New Authors Meet & Greet” is happening on Thursday and I will be there with some free shit to give away. Maybe it will go better than my last attempt to give away copies of Arsebook.

Also on Thursday, I’ll be moderating a panel on Independent vs. “Dependent” Publishing, which I was thrilled to see they decided to just quote verbatim from my panel pitch. Right down to the Firefly joke.

Next up, I will be getting in touch with my esteemed fellow authors, and … well, bring on August, I say.

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