A Case of the Mon- Wait…

Day 109. 94 pages, 41,546 words.

Heh, hold on, it’s Thursday.

Today’s blog post was proudly brought to you by the Engineers of planet Earth, and the wonderful things they say.

I didn’t say it was a good blog post.

Going to try for another write night tonight. I did get a nice bit of editing and planning done last night, and today I dumped all the rest of my Part 3 notes into the working file and began assembling it into the final part of this giant damn book that Bad Cow has apparently decided to be … but still feel I have to kick this story in the head, or the butt, before too much longer. I mean, it’s been 109 days! That’s just not right, for a book of any size.


Anyway, I ultimately have a page limit. The paperback at least can only be 828 pages long before CreateSpace can’t bind it, and I will just have to find a traditional publisher. Heh.

Don’t worry though, I don’t think this one’s going to break 700.

750 max.

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