The Legend of the 1500, Part 1

Day 102. 76 pages, 33,745 words.

It started with the Barbarian Convention.

Conan was there, of course, and in a slight calendar-muddle so too was Tarzan. Yoru had made an appearance with his infamous horse Torquis, and I’m pretty sure Brutan was in attendance. Red Sonja, of course – no event was complete without her – and I think I heard somebody shouting about Drogo but why Frodo’s father would have been invited is beyond me.

There may have been more. Frankly, once Conan and Yoru get into it, that’s a crowd all on its own.

The very idea of a Barbarian Convention seemed like a contradiction in terms somehow, but don’t ask me. The main issue I had with the damn thing was that it was happening right across the road from our house.

And that’s chair-throwing distance, that is.

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1 Response to The Legend of the 1500, Part 1

  1. stchucky says:

    Bloody Hell, today turned out to be super-busy and now I have to go to the movies. Oh well. Will hopefully have time to sling some more of this tantalising crap around tomorrow.

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