Sunday: Activism and Rebootery

Day 98. 68 pages, 30,301 words.

Another pre-write and I have nothing much to say. My parents are headed home tonight but it will be late, so even if Heikki gets my computer back to be by deadline, I won’t have time to do much playing around with it and getting it working. I’ll still need to put all my files back, and get antivirus installed. Why can’t I take time off work next week?

My open letter to the Finnish authorities got some nice responses from my liberal friends as I had known it would, and even a Like or two from Twitter. I guess I don’t have that much of a presence but I like to think I made my lazy activist’s voice heard, at least a little bit. It didn’t really work out since the good guys and the bad guys both had to dismantle and leave, but you have to look on the bright side. The bad guys were fucking animals about it and the good guys acted like civilised human beings.


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Here are the letters again. Oooh, slideshow, fancy.

What else is in the news? Oh, they’ve made a Jumanji reboot/sequel thing, which actually looks quite fun because it has Rock “The Dwayne” Johnson in it. Nevertheless, I predict deafening wails and gnashings of teeth as a million people suddenly become life-long fans of Robin Williams or Jumanji or both, and then decide this has ruined their childhoods for some reason.


Don’t care. The Rock. CGI. Action and fun. I’m in.

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