ResQ Club

Day 97. 68 pages, 30,301 words.

I think today is Canada Day, at least there are some celebrations going on around the subject in Helsinki. There may or may not also be a Pride March happening. I guess what we’ll be doing depends on the weather. I’m pre-writing this again, so I don’t know.

In the evening, though, off to the Woolshed for dinner. Should be nice.

Speaking of nice, I recently installed and test-used the ResQ app. Using this app, you can find participating restaurants in your area, see what sort of food they’re planning on getting rid of because they made too many servings, and buy it at a massive discount. You pay right there in the app, then go and pick up the food at the agreed time.

I tested it on a roast beef sandwich and it seemed to work nicely. Excellent stuff.

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