Another Day, Another … €100 or so?

Day 86. 54 pages, 22,853 words.

My arbitrary Day 100 deadline approaches, I’m slowly getting places with this story but for at least the next couple of weeks I am operating under the handicaps of a) being busy at work, b) having no computer, c) being on full-time family duty when I might otherwise write on my phone, on account of my parents being here.

Still, no complaints. I only feel bad because Mrs. Hatboy has to deal with them all day, as well as dealing with the girls, while I’m at work. I also feel bad because I should set aside overtime and days off and no-write time for Mrs. Hatboy and the girls more … but I like to tell myself I do that. Oh well.

Only one more day of work left this week, then it’s off to Sweden. You can reasonably expect another flatline and a bunch of empty posts just to keep my count (or lack thereof) going. My “summer holiday” this year is basically the Juhannus weekend and that’s about it.

Looking forward to the trip, though. And Wump and Toop are delighted to have “Tinny and Grandad” over.

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