Me Me Me

Day 61. 111 pages, 55,928 words.

One day back at work and then off on another busy old weekend.

I was contacted by the Worldcon people again the other day, and we’re preparing for whatever events and panels I’m going to be taking part in. Still no idea yet. But they wanted a “50 words maximum” bio about me, to put in their programmes and to help them start organising their schedules.

Here’s mine, just out of interest.

Andrew Hindle is an independent author of science-fiction and science-fantasy, including the series “The Final Fall of Man”.

Hatboy is the wildly prolific blogger responsible for

Edpool is a mercenary editor and language specialist who tweets as @St_EdPool.

The Shyamalanic twist here is that they’re all the same person.

50 words exactly. Boom.

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4 Responses to Me Me Me

  1. brknwntr says:

    I’m not sure whether to point out that as a technical writer, creating a 50 word bio is pretty much exactly your wheelhouse, or to be disappointed you didn’t do it in 49 or 51 as a fuck you to the people who booked you and Robin Hobb.

  2. brknwntr says:

    It’s thin ice, but you made it across.

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