Rick and Morty

Day 54. 85 pages, 42,550 words.                       

I came very late to this show, but now I’m waiting with considerable anticipation for season 3 to hit Netflix. It started weirdly, and it has a strong seam of absolute stoner humour that you probably need to appreciate in order to make the show worth watching, but I guess I’m lucky there.

Man, talk about a perfect mixture of adult cartoon, science fiction geekery, interesting world- and character-building, and some of the most savagely witty and thought-provoking writing I think I’ve ever seen in a cartoon.

And that’s taking into account shows like Futurama, which is brilliant but just can’t get as dark as this.

Highly, highly recommended to all viewers who enjoy slightly surrealist levels of science-fiction intensity, a bit of violence and swearing in their cartoons, and oh yeah, are hopelessly fascinated by train-wrecks in human form.


I now need this colour-printed in higher quality so I can hang it on the wall of Bar Äijä’s.
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