I Am

Day 51. 69 pages, 34,075 words.                        

For a little while a week or two ago, there was a mini-meme [insert Austin Powers joke here] going the rounds of social media wherein one went to the Google Translate “Finnish to English” feature and wrote “Minä olen [firstname lastname]” (“I am [firstname lastname]”) and had a good laugh at how your name was translated.

This seemed to work best for Finnish names, which in a lot of cases have literal English translations that aren’t really intended to be used in place of the proper-noun name. I’ve had a chuckle about some of these before, for example a slang term like matskut translates as flavour of love.


Unfortunately, Google fixed up the name bug, so now it’s boring again. Still, for a little while it did the rounds and was mildly amusing.

I made this in remembrance.


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