Let’s all be grateful

Day 45. 50 pages, 24,794 words.

I know, it’s a really small thing to be pleased about, and not really all that connected to my life in Finland (except insofar as Finland is part of the EU and insofar as we are all human beings and I’d like us to act like it sometime), but let’s take a moment to just be thankful to the French people for standing up to fear, hatred and the ever-present Stupid.

If only for another term.

It feels ungrateful to say it’s a minor thing, but it might just stop the vile scavenger-talk about the European Union falling apart, at least for a little while. We still have Brexit to deal with but I like to look on the bright side of that. With any luck Scotland will gain independence out of this, Ireland will unify out of this, and Great Britain can go on with its slow, stately descent out of any kind of global relevance for-fucking-ever. Which is as it should be.

I mean, Ireland unifying. That is huge.

In the meantime, France said non to the selfish and the shitty, to the idea that humans can’t live without hating and killing members of outside tribes, to the idea that we are a species incapable of cooperation and love.

I’m still not sure I really believe it, but I’m closer today than I have been for a long time.

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