Just Training

Day 39. 37 pages, 18,008 words.

Another all-day training today, nothing much to add at this point and nothing to report. Just slogging chest-deep through a crazy week.

My reviewers have been doing a wonderful job and I’m approaching 20 reviews in 2-3 days, which is as many as Eejit has received in as many years. I know, they’re sort of bogus but it’s for a good cause. And I can’t thank my friends and readers enough.

Writing is going well. Thanks to Mr. BRKN I stumbled onto a potential continuity error in my upcoming book, in time to fix it. Thanks for the Messenger live chat during boring parts of the training (which, let’s be fair, has been most of it).

Mrs. Hatboy and Wump are off to see Kiss tonight. Looks like pizza-night for me and Toop.

Oh! And the kesämökki deal might finally be going through. May report on that over the weekend. It’s been a long damn time coming.

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