Day 37. 35 pages, 16,703 words. Ugh, that was a shitty uptick for a three-day weekend. Stupid doing everything else except writing.

Closing in on the allotted time for writing Part Two of my latest book, although I guess my FFoM-standard 70 days (80 for Molran) doesn’t need to stand for this book which is considerably larger and more complicated than any one of the FFoM books.

Still, I’d like to keep the momentum going and get this done fast.

I have almost zero free time this week for anything, on account of another stupid all-day training and a whole mess of dumb meetings. I mean honestly, if they weren’t paying me to do this job…

Ah well. On to the good news.

I published another book!

This one is called Deadshepherd, and it’s an anthology of four short stories (or possibly novellas) set around The Final Fall of Man galaxy. Just to be confusing, I refer to the anthology as Tales of the Final Fall of Man, Anthology 1.


Here are the links:

Get the paperback here if you want me to get a juicy royalty, or here if you still like paper books and Amazon works better for you (pro tip: CreateSpace and Amazon are basically the same company so I’m not sure what the difference is, except the number of handlers).

Get the e-book here.

The links are all still settling down so expect some issues finding a certain version or regional variant for a few days.

I’ve got a second post coming up today, time permitting. Important stuff to do with the book. Stay tuned.

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