Herding cats

Day 32. 28 pages, 13,629 words.

No time today, on account of a pointless meeting at lunchtime where I have to sit and painfully guide engineers to the realisation that they need to tell me what they’ve done if they ever want me to document it[1], and an all-afternoon meeting-sort-of-thing after that where we’re doing some upgrades of a machine so that at least should be interesting.

[1] Follow-up: Turns out the engineer responsible for giving me all the answers I need, according to all the engineers at the meeting, is the engineer who is on holiday this week and could not attend the meeting. Didn’t see that coming.

Annoying day.

Anyway, I’m out of time. I was going to talk about Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (it was brilliant, of course), and possibly a bit more about the Hugos (voting is now open for the finalists) and Worldcon (they’re finally getting their program together and it looks like I’m in it somewhere), but it will all have to wait until tomorrow.

Long weekend coming up for Vappu. About time we got a long weekend, this five-day week has been exhausting.

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