Wednesday. NICE.

Day 31. 26 pages, 12,422 words.

Poopycrap, completely ran out of time for anything today, but hey. Happy Cassini Day!


Not sure how it got that picture it looks at after taking the shots … but okay. I suppose it’s the last pic it took as it headed back out. Fine. Makes sense. Moving on.

Off to see Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 tonight, by a space-related coincidence. But first, a ton of stupid meetings. Actually, just one, an X-ray unit photo session … should be pretty fun really, don’t mind me. Oh, they did try to book another far more pointless meeting after that one, but I said there was no way.

Started watching Star Trek: The Next Generation with Wump last night. She still wasn’t terribly into it – Deep Space 9 or even Voyager might have been more interesting – but it’s a bit more accessible than The Original Series. Let’s see if she has any interest in continuing with it. The past couple of days I’ve gotten home from work to find them watching Doctor Who, and that makes me very pleased.

What? I watched Doctor Who from the age of 2 or 3. Nothing wrong with me.

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