Here comes the week

Day 29. 21 pages, 10,048 words.

Bit of a disappointing weekend for writing, but I was expecting that. And a busy week coming up for all sorts of reasons. Still, will hopefully get something done.

My metrics are looking rough for this part, especially since (according to my silly arbitrary timetable) I am almost halfway through my allotted days to write Part Two. Still, maybe it will be smaller than Part One. Hah. Maybe.

Anyway, the weekend was great. Excellent party although I feel bad about kicking everyone out at 02:00am so I could go to bed. In retrospect I could have left them in the bar to do what they like, since I have excellent and trustworthy friends. But anyway, full report will be forthcoming once I have a bit more spare time. Big thanks to everyone involved.

I’ll leave you with a disturbing imgur-facebook Toy Story thought. Honestly, the more you think about those movies, the more horrifying theories begin to float to the surface like the bloated corpses in a melting nuclear winter glacier.


You’re welcome.
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