Day 28. 17 pages, 8,490 words.

Here’s something mildly interesting.

I was doing some research into Heaven and assorted concepts of the afterlife or supernatural realms for my latest book, and I stumbled onto this one.

Tiān is the ancient Chinese term for Heaven and is a key part of their theology. I was peripherally aware of this, but the closest reference I used in my own writing was my introduction of the Bonshoon character Tían.

Tían was under-utilised and not particularly well explained, but she was instrumental in Massington Karturi’s quest for Big Thundering Bjørn and Fat Tuesday, and through them the Alone Net and other veil-related mysteries. Tían was strongly implied to have been an “original” Bonshoon, thawed in damaged state from a sleeper pod – and she was Dreamscape-capable, making her an oracle of sorts.

Ultimately, she died before being of much help, but she did set the Karturis on the right track and that was useful for Skelliglyph later on.

Anyway, the point is, check out the Chinese oracle script for tiān.


Okay, it looks more like a Molran than a Bonshoon, and it’s got no ears, but the Chinese Seal script is closer in the flat-head department, even if it has the wrong number of arms.

tian (2)

This has been your this-probably-only-freaked-me-out of the day. I hope you enjoyed it.

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1 Response to Oracle

  1. dreameling says:

    I agree, a little freaky. Maybe we really do live in a simulation, and you’re somehow tapped into its source code…

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