All a-bored

Day 25. 14 pages, 6,613 words.

This morning I put Wump on the Sotunki-Hakunila linjataksi to school, then crossed the road with Toop and jumped on the same linjataksi going in the opposite direction and dropped Toop at mommo’s for the day, then walked back across the village to take the normal bus(es) to work. I got to work by about 10:00am.

I did all this because Mrs. Hatboy needed the car (or more specifically needed to not have to deliver Wump and Toop anywhere, seeing as she’d have the car these days anyway) to drive into Hakunila and wait in line at a vuoronumero public service centre, because if you get there after about 09:00am you’re going to be waiting all day and she had work to go to by 13:00pm.

I wrote all this because I have literally nothing else to write today. Sorry about that. I could have just put the word count up and called it good, but who knows? Somebody might be interested in my dull little commuter story. I mean, it’s doubtful, but possible.

Today’s the 20th. That means Amazon payment notifications are hopefully going to be brightening my week sometime soon.


And then, much rejoicing.
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1 Response to All a-bored

  1. stchucky says:

    Heh, ten seconds after I clicked Publish, the e-mails started rolling in.

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