Long Easter Weekend Spectacular 2017 (4)

Day 22. 4 pages, 1,749 words.

I’m coming to the end of my long, rambling series of pointless pre-written musings on a long weekend. I hope I had a good one. Today (Thursday, to the uninitiated who may not have realised what the pre-written weekend spectacular is all about) has been good.

I hope I got a bit of writing done in between times, or at least some walking. I’ve sucked at walking lately.

[Follow-up: Not much walking, although I am off to the Easter bonfire on the local hill soon and that is a bit of a hike. Some writing done.]

Starting tomorrow – actually starting late last week – Mrs. Hatboy is back at work in the afternoons. Since her workplace is about 4km away and would take her about as much time (and a lot less convenience) to get to and from by public transport as my own workplace some 15km away, and since her ~8km daily round trip is better than my ~30km round trip in terms of petrol usage, we’ve decided that I will get my bus ticket updated with the good ol’ time system that works out cheaper than just putting cash on it, and I will be commuting to work by bus from now on.

[Follow-up: Done and done.]

I’m rather looking forward to it. Walking is back on the menu, as well as alone-time with my iPod and Mopho Cake IV. Still not madly in love with MC4’s Word program and keyboard, but oh well.

Shit, that reminds me. I should really turn my Pokémon game on while I’m walking, and collect those kilometres. Wump made me download and start the game a while ago and I haven’t really touched it since.

Until tomorrow, then.

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