Long Easter Weekend Spectacular 2017 (3)

Day 21. 4 pages, 1,649 words.

At some point this weekend, I understand Mrs. Hatboy and Wump are headed to night-church. Don’t entirely understand it myself, but it’s an Easter service thing and could be fun. I’ll be staying home to look after Toop, and I think Wump’s main interest in the idea is that it starts at 23:00 and goes until after midnight and she just loves the idea of not going to bed for our sins, so there you go.

Anyway, I think that was meant to be Saturday night.

If Wump manages to sit up that late (and I have great confidence that she will), we might watch Ghostbusters 2. Having seen the first movie she enjoyed it, and we’ve already watched all the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, so that’s the next thing on the list.

Alternatively, we could watch John Carter. Such a great movie, and she saw a trailer for it on On Stranger Tides, and was intrigued.

[Follow-up: They managed it. We only got about an hour into John Carter before Wump started poking Toop and we switched it off.]

She was sad about not getting to go to see the next Pirates movie, though. Still not sure how I feel about that one. I mean, I’m definitely excited to see it and I think they’re utterly harmless, but are they in the same “go fuck yourself, cinemas, if you try to keep my child from seeing this movie” category as Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them? I don’t know. Tough call. I think ultimately I wouldn’t be too heavily invested in getting Wump along for the ride, although it might be the last Pirates movie she has a chance to see on the big screen.

Ahh who am I kidding. Johnny’s going to keep making these until he self-destructs completely, and then he’s going to make a Gibsonian comeback and make more of them in the 2030s.

Heh, think about that. It’s going to be the ’30s again.

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