Long Easter Weekend Spectacular 2017 (1)

Day 19. 3 pages, 1,449 words.

Had an amusing and very dynamic and efficient day at work yesterday, just to finish off the short week and start the long weekend with a mess of Action Points booted off the list with stunning vigour.

So, I got the draft submitted and publishing underway, and with any luck the copy will be available as a prize for the next book party quiz. Which reminds me, I need to write that quiz.

I also went and hunted down a bunch of engineers who had been sitting on a ridiculously small manual for weeks. This is not technically my problem, but when people ask me where the manual is, I don’t like to pass the buck and point fingers too much. So I went and found the draft, then walked around from desk to desk and stood there while each guy read through the manual and signed off on it.

I was done in 45 minutes.

Could I have done that two weeks ago? Sure I could have. But like Homer Simpson says, “I’m just trying to get into Heaven. I’m not running for Jesus.”

On that note … happy Good Friday.

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