Long Easter Weekend Spectacular 2017 (0, ish)

Day 18. 3 pages, 1,349 words.

My Easter long weekend starts this afternoon, and I have a bit to do in the meantime but let’s see how this goes. I will try to pre-write a couple of brief things but you can consider the blog offline for the break.


Humans and their amazing ability to anthropomorphise and then have fights with abstract concepts.

I also find myself in a bit of a pickle with the word-count, since for phone-editing purposes I’m treating these as three separate stories and going part by part. Things start getting cumbersome around the 50,000-word mark, but I don’t want to divide it up into smaller bits and fiddle around with all those separate files e-mailing back and forth.

Anyway, long story short, I’m keeping the day count but starting a new word count for the next part. The graph will therefore look like an interesting triple-upswing (one can only hope), showing my progress with each part.

For the first few days, though, Part Two is going to be pretty much a flatline. I’m assuming ~100 words a day, but will be working on my phone and hopefully this will result in a solid spike on Tuesday, Day 23.

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