This Week In Review

Day 17. 147 pages, 72,694 words. Part One finished.

Now I just have to see if CreateSpace can pull off a miracle and get me a copy of this draft in time for the party on the 22nd. That’s ten days from now, and I still need to slap it all into the system so that probably won’t happen until tonight. Can’t do it at work, anyway.

For anyone keeping score, the following tweet-screencap summarises the week so far.


You have to laugh, because otherwise you’d kill all humans.

That’s all for today. Been insanely busy but a couple of early morning writing sessions has seen me through by deadline.

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1 Response to This Week In Review

  1. stchucky says:

    And it just occurs to me that if Parts Two and Three are as big as Part One, this will be a 200,000-worder. Still not huge, but by a clear margin the biggest novel I will have written so far.

    Part One could be a novel on its own … but it doesn’t quite work. Hopefully the three parts together will stand alone because this one isn’t meant to be serial-type series.

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