Considered not getting up this morning

Day 15. 120 pages, 60,151 words.

Don’t make me regret my decision, Monday!

Dang it, I was hoping to get part one of the book finished by now (since it is mostly re-writing and fixing and minor additions) so I can a) get started on the second and third parts, and b) get it printed as a prize for the party on the 22nd.

Oh well. Working on it but shit is busy as Hell right now.

Apparently the election went well. It’s a bit of a win for Kokoomus who are a kind of boring politics-for-its-own-sake party, but they’ll do when the alternatives are white fucking supremacists.

The Greens did pretty well and had a huge spike in their stats since last time, which was great to see. And the Perssut crashed and burned, although I would prefer to see them as a blip on the graph rather than a sizeable percentage still.

The new computer system worked really well, according to Mrs. Hatboy. The votes vs. registrations numbers matched perfectly the first time, which has never happened before. And they got it all done by 10:00pm.

Wump, Toop and I were all in bed by that stage, having spent six hours at Hoplop and then watched Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides and eaten hamburgers. It was a most excellent day, and my hangover wasn’t atrocious.

Now I have Friday’s work to catch up on, Friday’s e-mail backlog to clear, Friday’s colloquium notes to write out, and joyous meetings to attend.

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