Election / Easter / Hoplop / Hangover

Day 14. 111 pages, 56,116 words.

Feeling better today, which is funny considering my late night and moderate-to-silly alcohol consumption. Life is good again. I apologise as ever for my moods.

Great night last night, catching up with a ton of old friends from three separate circles. And then the obligatory Brian on the bus ride home.


And on account of finding money in my pocket and taking some supplies of sippin’ liquor with me, I managed to spend about €10 of my actual bank balance.

Fun night. Now we’re off Easter-Witching with a pair of industrial-grade cutie pies.


Warned you.

Then off to the fun park with them.

Finns! Get out and vote!

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1 Response to Election / Easter / Hoplop / Hangover

  1. GhostlyWriter says:

    They look adorable!!

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