Day 13. 101 pages, 51,608 words.

Today I have three separate parties to attend in Helsinki and right now I don’t want to attend any of them.

I’m at Wump’s dance class, getting this down in the 5 minutes I have to spare before I have to go in and take part in the class myself for some reason. My neck is killing me, I twisted it yesterday. Adding to my mood.

Also need to call my parents, do my hair and make Easter decorations with the kids while Mrs. Hatboy has a skype-roleplay session this afternoon.

Then tomorrow I’m watching the kids and taking them to Hoplop while Mrs. Hatboy works at the election booth.

All fine, and all fun.

And I don’t want to do any of it.

I want to write. But it’s already too late, the words are gone under all my frustration and anger and the pain from my fucking neck.

Fuck this.

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