Day 12. 87 pages, 44,118 words.

Today I’m attending the TCEurope Colloquium near Itäkeskus, Helsinki. The first presentation was very interesting stuff about user centred design. Probably not something I can write a fascinating blog post about, but interesting for us Technical Writers.

Second presentation is component content management system automation stuff, pretty dry although the presenter is amusing. Doodling on my right (hi Katri), thumb-twiddling and zero notes on my left (hi dreameling). Great to catch up with so many familiar faces from my decade or so of Technical Writing and assorted customers and projects.


dreameling is not amused.

Fun start to a busy weekend.

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1 Response to Colloquium

  1. dreameling says:

    I quite liked the colloquium as well. Plenty of familiar faces.

    The first presentation on UCD and then the last two on knowledge feeds and developer documentation were by far the most interesting (and useful).

    The one that I was probably looking forward to the most — the meaning of meaning — was a bit meh, although the presenter was quite funny.

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