Oh boy, here comes the weekend

Day 5. 34 pages, 16,368 words.

It’s another fairly busy one for me and they’re only getting crazier from now on. As are my days at work, so I haven’t had much of a chance to do anything. However, the writing is going well.

The first part of my book is set in Australia in the year 1990, and as such I thought it would be amusing to list a few of the curse-words I’ve put in so far.

As of 35 pages in, I have written:

Bloke: 14 times (this is not a curse, but a random Australianism that is very important to the characterisation of the, well, characters)

Fuck: 19 times 

Shit: 6 times 

Cunt: 2 times (not too many so far, actually)

I will probably pre-write a couple of random fact-based blog posts for the weekend, just for word-count purposes. Stay tuned.

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