When Oræl rides to war

Day 1. 10 pages, 4,369 words.


The bloody hand shall take its stand

When Oræl rides to war,

And blinding sands devour the land

When Oræl rides to war.


All hope will die while justice bleeds,

The good will rise and do dark deeds

When Oræl rides to war.


The true shall spurn that which they learn,

The dead will yearn,

The lost return,

The tide will turn,

The world will burn when Oræl rides to war.


Oræl Rides to War, from The Last Days of Earth.
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One Response to When Oræl rides to war

  1. stchucky says:

    From book one of the Oræl Rides to War series, tentatively titled Bad Cow.

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