It’s … oh, almost 2pm already

Stupid daylight saving.

Been a fun weekend. Haven’t done much but watch TV, but it’s been nice.

Mrs. Hatboy has been reading The Lord of the Rings to Wump, and having finished The Fellowship of the Ring we sat down and watched the movie. Wump enjoyed it, but the two-disc extended edition was maybe a bit much for her to pay attention to. There was some heavy nostalgia in it for us, since it was one of the first movies we ever cosplayed to the premiere.

gif (2)

That, and the Internet has had its way with the movie for the better part of two decades.

I thought some of the stunts and superimpositions had aged a bit cheesily, but otherwise it held up well. Damn good films. Shame Jackson fell out of favour and lost it a bit afterwards.

Wump came down with a headache and fever on Saturday, but was well enough to watch Ghostbusters with us. An even older film that’s held up even better. Brilliant, every time there’s something else for me to enjoy. So much fun. So much casual sexism and shitlordery. So ’80s.

After Wump and Toop were in bed, and Mrs. Hatboy having gone into town to watch Mr. Jalkanen perform at a late-night gig, I sat up and honest-to-goodnesd binge-watched for one of the first times ever.

I watched the entire run of ten episodes of The Santa Clarita Diet. God damn, it was good. Interesting premise, good performances especially from the young cast members, and the writing. Wow. That’s the sort of dialogue I like to think I can throw into a book on a really good day, but never with that quality and consistency. Really impressive.

Well worth a watch, if you have four or five spare hours. And don’t mind a bit of gore.

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2 Responses to It’s … oh, almost 2pm already

  1. Wump declared Legolas her second-favourite character (after Aragorn) because, and I quote, “Well, look at his face.”

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