The following bizarre fact came to my full attention yesterday, as part of the extended discussion on Facebook regarding immigration and such.

1. In Australia / Oceania, the Republic of Nauru (formerly known as Pleasant Island, oh my fucking God) is a little island nation in Micronesia. The locals are the most obese people in the world. It’s also where they allowed this place to be built, because Australia doesn’t need a wall to stop immigration, it just needs to shunt boatloads of immigrants and refugees into horrible gulags.

2. In Finland, Naurusaari (Nauru Island / Laughter Island) is an indoor amusement park in one of our nearby big malls. “Laughter lives here”, its tagline says, and it is indeed one of Wump’s favourite places in the world to visit.

I had been vaguely aware of these facts for some years, since stories about the appalling conditions and mistreatment of detainees in the Nauru Detention Centre spread over my social media feeds. But I’d never connected the Micronesian name with the Finnish word. I mean, for all I know, there is no real connection. Certainly not linguistically.

But the fact that there are two Nauru Islands in the world, so utterly diametrically opposed, gives me chills.

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