Mystery solved (aka. Damn it 2: Happy Cancerversary)

Well, that night was a shocker.

Turns out a lot of my foul mood yesterday was related to my bowels. Stomach ache started late yesterday afternoon and intensified from 22:00 through to about 04:00 this morning, until it was a series of intestinal cramps the likes of which I haven’t had since my big surgery in 2011.

I think I can lay this one squarely at the feet of the triple fondue on Saturday. Rare beef and lamb, and all that cheese, clogged me up like … well, like our drains the first time we had fondue and I idiotically poured the cheese-grease down the sink instead of into the garden.

The result (in last night’s case) was an acutely painful series of waves as the remains of my intestines tried to pass something – anything – and in the process swelled and pressed down on my bladder (or so it felt), obliging me to get up and go to the toilet about four times through the night. I was also forced to alternately curl and stretch, roll and stand through the night to get the cramps to release. I also think something went pear-shaped in the function of my large intestine, because my bladder was super-full every time despite not having much to drink, and by 04:00 I was parched.

Highly unpleasant.

Oh well, feeling better this morning (wait, afternoon), got to sleep in until 09:00 and then went to see Wump performing in a school play before heading to work at 11:00. Totally worth the half-day and late afternoon at the office. Don’t want to be one of those “empty spot in the audience” dads who cause traumatic memories. Gotta be there.

Facebook reminded me today that it was exactly five years ago that I was declared cancer-free by the hospital, so I guess this was just a cute way for my guts to remind me. Guess I shoulda bought flowers.

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One Response to Mystery solved (aka. Damn it 2: Happy Cancerversary)

  1. stchucky says:

    Also, I finally published a manual yesterday and another one today, getting them off my desk for the first time in months. It’s not unusual for me to publish manuals, but – as referenced yesterday – sometimes it is a pain in the arse getting approval. In yesterday’s case, my burgeoning gut-ache might have caused me to be a bit of a bully to the poor approvers.

    My apologies to everyone who crossed my path at the time.

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