Poocrap, out of time

Been a fun and exciting day at work, which can mean interesting-times-level horribleness or otherwise a good deal of stress, but today kind of meant a bunch of stuff got sorted, or at least the whole parade of gridlocked technical writing stuff took a few lurching paces forward.

Sadly, as usual it meant I had no time to get a proper blog post done today, as usual. But maybe tomorrow will be slightly calmer.

Heh, who am I kidding, it’ll still be busy.

But at least Thursday will be more fun. Going to see the new King Kong movie, and possibly having pre-St. Patrick’s Day pints thereafter. Remains to be seen.

Maybe another movie review after that.

At the moment, we’re watching Ascension on Netflix. It’s a bit like a mixture between Iron Sky, Battlestar Galactica, and that Brendan Fraser movie where he lives in a bomb shelter for 30 years.

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