Sunday, March 2017

Nothing much to add today. After a busy weekend of parties and bar-cleaning, I’m just sitting down at the computer for the first time to see where I’m at with my notes and miscellaneous stuff.

Still dawdling on beginning to write the next book, seeing as how the anthology is now approacing completion. The delivery guy actually showed up at about 21:30 on Friday night to get me to sign for the editors’ copies, so now everyone but dreameling has theirs and are underway.

The cover is coming along nicely and I already have an idea for the next cover. I need to start discussing it with Gabriel. It’s going to be a winner. Can’t wait.

Have to write the darn book first though.

Right, off we go. Back to it. Getting warmed up now. Hangover was only a one-dayer, which is nice at my age. Great weekend, thanks to everyone involved.

There’s an ice cooler-box thing that I think belongs to BRKN. Otherwise not much in the way of lost and found.

I’ll try to come up with something interesting to write soon. Promise. Even if it’s just a page-count. Didn’t I say I was downsizing this fucker anyway? Damn it.

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2 Responses to Sunday, March 2017

  1. brknwntr says:

    Cooler is yours, I got tired of buying a new styrofoam one everytime I bring ice. And i can’t be arsed to preserve one. Keep it in the Bar and I’ll start bringing ice in plastic bags.

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