Books, Bar and Bond

IMG_20170310_211850.jpgQuick report as my phone and liver are failing. Last night we held a little celebration mixing my completed book series, Mrs. Hatboy’s birthday, and what-the-heck-let’s-just-party.

Mr. Ilja Jalkanen joined us and played three very impressive sets of acoustic James Bond tunes on the slide guitar. Even more impressive, he had been plied with Pasanen-grade drinks by Heikki and myself before even starting, and he still managed to keep it together.

Before, after and interspersed through the show was a lot of comedy and thoughtful debate. Marvellous stuff. I had a bad prairie dog and threw up about halfway through the night, and am currently not feeling at all well. But it was grand.

Ilja had cut off his dredlocks, and I gave him my rasta hat to tide him over. That was some gold.

Taking a break halfway through cleaning up (poker night tonight) to take Wump to swimming school and buy Big Macs.

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