Tales of the Final Fall of Man

446 pages, 144,553 words. Finished.

Well, that’s that. Nothing more to say on the FFoMiverse for the time being. On with the next story, I suppose.

I have a couple of search-and-replaces to perform that my phone and work computer Word programs can’t seem to handle, and then I’ll upload the manuscript. The cover is coming along nicely but for now I will obviously be using the placeholder cover.


Sneak peek. The page count is wrong because this is the version I used as a quiz prize a while ago.

Nothing much to add for today. Been busy at work, and have a busy weekend coming up. Or, well, tomorrow is going to be busy. I’ve got to hike in to work using public transport, carrying not just my usual load of gear but also this week’s perjantai pulla, since it’s my turn, and my bagpipes since I have a gig in the evening and I won’t have time to get home and back out to Helsinki after work.

Still, should be fun.

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