Bonus post: Ghåål’s Ark, completed

Just a quick note to celebrate the fact that I just completed the fourth “short” story in my anthology. Ghåål’s Ark came in at 91 pages, 42,174 words.

I’ll see about the full anthology’s stats and things tomorrow. Maybe there’s some metrics in it, but the truth is, this set of stories has been a big change from the novels. I don’t think there’s much comparison.

However, it has been way too long since I published something[1], so I’m happy to announce it’s done.

[1] What? Human was completed in January! It’s March now! Give me a break!

Next up, final version to the publisher’s, and Editors’ copies before this month’s car repairs drain my bank account beyond the ability to get it done.

Oh yeah, the car story wasn’t over. The car story was just beginning.

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3 Responses to Bonus post: Ghåål’s Ark, completed

  1. brknwntr says:

    The car story feels like it belongs in a Jamroll written blog.

    Somewhat meandering, takes a long time to get to the action, and ultimately comes in as five novels that could have been one.

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