Interlude: Meet Mopho Cake IV

First time trying to write a blog post on my new Huawei Honor 7 Lite. Mopho Cake III finally died, and now I am getting with the hip new Android generation.

It’s actually really decent. The language / keyboard options are still a bit of a mess, but I’m loving the voice recognition and other features. I’ve only had it for half a day and I’ve mostly got it figured out. All the apps I need and the Word editor is nice.

WordPress also seems good.

We’ve been cleaning up and running around all morning, getting ready for Toop’s birthday party. Mechanic friend also dropped over to fasten the radiator hose, after I complained that the car was cold again. He was a bit embarrassed, but went above and beyond to get the job done.

I’ll give Wump the closing statement (with some prompts).

I just blew up a balloon. Camera camera camera it’s Ray’s birthday. Leaves you want me to say something what? Say something else. Elsa how do you clean your room? You want to know. Camera. Yes. And did you play with Fred this morning? Yes. And what else? I’m waiting for friend to wake up because it’s her birthday. Did you have lunch? Yes. And wasn’t yes no. And what was it? Ravioli and noodles. And have you been helping mama? A bit. Have you been good all day? Yes.


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