Interlude: Pies Pies Pies

Another weekend of not-much-writing, so I’m pre-assembling a bit of a blog post.

I’ve been hoping to get the latest “short” story in my anthology finished this week, but I’m not sure if I’m going to manage it. It’s very frustrating, I may have to just end it and leave unanswered questions to be dealt with in some future story. They can’t all wrap up neatly – not without becoming way bigger than I intended, because this was a big story … and after all, they’re meant to be a series of segments adding detail and background to the growing urverse.

Anyway. Still on it.

Today is my dear Mrs. Hatboy’s birthday, and we’re celebrating in very lazy style. The plan is, there will be pies.

Since befriending the Finnish Scottish community and getting back into the piping scene, I joined the Society’s Facebook page and there, just the other day, I learned that a couple of them were about to open a pie shop. Now, in the true Blackadder spirit I cannot in good conscience ignore a pie shop. Finland is not known for its pie culture. The Australians did their best but their pies just aren’t easily accessible. And my dad (also, obviously, Australian) doesn’t come over often enough and doesn’t leave our freezer sufficiently filled with pies. It’s a fact.

This place is not only holding a grand opening today, it will also have an online shop in the future so pies are going to be a lot easier to get hold of. So I’m heading into town with Toop (on account of Mrs. Hatboy having to stay and deliver Wump to swimming) and offering my support in the form of eating lots of pies, and also bringing lots of pies home for celebratory dinner.


That’s the cunning plan, anyway.
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1 Response to Interlude: Pies Pies Pies

  1. andy says:

    Dutch apple pie, FTW!

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