Interlude: Here’s the thing

So, I have a few sections of dénouement for The Myconet, but the story is basically done and it’s dragged on for way, way longer than I thought it was going to in any case. I’ve enjoyed it, as a writing exercise and as a bit of a vessel for a few Plot Clues (including the oft-referenced ‘bridge’ between the Creepyverse and the urverse of The Book of Pinian and The Final Fall of Man) and assorted narrative challenges. I enjoy doing freeform episodes where I’m not actually sure how things are going to go and how I’m supposed to resolve them. I like to see if the characters can resolve them without my having to railroad them. Creepy and Hatboy are quite resistant to railroading by nature.

This is generally how characters get killed, in my experience … although I suppose it’s safe to say this is not on the cards for Creepy and Hatboy. Not at this stage. One never knows, of course.

Still, there are a few more important things I’d like to slip into this story, and I do have a bit of a conclusion prepared, with at least one more joke I really want to tell. I’m just wondering how much further I can drag the whole thing out. I know it’s my blog and it’s not like I’m being paid to entertain you or anything, but … well, sooner or later I’ll have to wrap this up, is all.

Yes, it’s possible some of this will find its way into the Creepy and Hatboy novel, and that was why I stopped writing The First Feast here on the blog … but it’s a slightly different situation. Oh well, let’s see. I’m almost done with Anthology 1 of Tales of the Final Fall of Man, and that is likely to blow the lid off this whole thing. Gabriel’s working on an amazing cover concept as we speak.

Oh, and I have no earthly idea what the Prism is. So don’t get your hopes up that I’m going to tell you. It’s always possible that the answer will reveal itself to me, but it’s also possible that it will remain a complete and rather pointless mystery for the duration. At this point all bets are off.

Asssuming you were ever silly enough to bet in the first place.

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