Today I rushed out of the house with Toop in hand and a mess of mechanical instructions to try out on the car (loooooong story), and that meant I was remembering two things. In self-defence, given that when I have three things to remember I will forget everything, I forgot the third thing before even starting.

That third thing was my bag, with glasses and lunch and colostomy supplies and USB stick and iPod and wallet and phone. I list in no particular order of importance.

So I am winging it this morning.

Fortunately, I was able to use my work phone to send some emergency texts (I still have Mrs. Hatboy’s number memorised since the early Noughties so I wasn’t dependent on my blank work pgone memory), I don’t really need my glasses and it’s a short day anyway, and well, I’m just going to sit here and hope my colostomy bag doesn’t give up the ghost.

I am a bit hungry, though.

Ah well. Another hour-and-a-half meeting and I can head home in my freezing, freezing car (did I mention the loooooong story?), and get myself a burger or two, and then it’s off to Disney on Ice with the girls.

I have more of The Myconet written. I was going to post it today. But it’s on my USB stick in my glasses case, so instead you get this.


Courtesy of a surreal conversation I had with my lanttumies on Facebook yesterday. No, I don’t know why Grumpy Cat is there.

Lucky, lucky you.

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