Interlude: Hugo Nominations

I’ve talked about the Hugo Awards before. Sure, it’s a microcosm of why democracy is a mess. The person with the best information network wins, plain and simple.


Trying to break up the wall of text here.

This year, the Hugo Awards are being held in Finland. The nominating pool is going to be limited to “people who can get to Helsinki or are sufficiently invested to buy a supporting Worldcon membership just to vote, with no intention of attending”. That will probably mean a smaller pool than previous years, and it will almost certainly include a never-to-be-repeated number of readers and supporters of ol’ Andrew Hindle.

As mentioned, there’s already some campaigning going on, and this page would be a great place to start when it comes to fleshing out your ballot paper (and not just because I’m strongly represented there).

I just need to get this info to as many people as possible.

Because here’s the thing.

This would be a pretty damn cool thing for me to wind up short-listed for. It would help me get a lot of visibility and exposure for my work.

And I could probably get on the short-list with fewer than 100 votes. At the moment, I’m really only sure of … well, 3?

Just getting to that short-list, that needs a network I really don’t have, no matter how individually amazing and supportive you guys are.

So … help me?

edpool (8)


A supporting membership entitles you to nominate contenders, but you need to have had one by the end of January 2017. I’m sorry I screwed this up but the Worldcon website was a bit misleading there.

Obviously, if you have already paid for your membership (as of 31.1.2017) and are coming to Worldcon, you are eligible to nominate and vote up to mid-March.

So, yeah. It’s a bit of an outlay and I’m not really expecting many takers. You need to be kickstarter-perk-level committed, and to already have your tickets … I know. I know.

supernatural (3)

But this is it. This, basically, is an Important Thing for a science fiction author.

Ever wondered how you can help me succeed as a writer, short of buying my books and reviewing them on Amazon and Goodreads and all over the place (which is still beyond amazing, when you do that)? Well, this is it.

Nominate and vote if you can. It would be appreciated beyond belief.

Thank you.

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3 Responses to Interlude: Hugo Nominations

  1. dreameling says:

    The person with the best information network wins, plain and simple.

    I have to believe it’s more than that. The Hugos are not just an author popularity contest. The works that get shortlisted and that eventually win are not always necessarily by authors who are popular, long-established, or who have a large following on networked fans. Slate-voting aside, people do actually nominate and vote for works they (a) have actually read and (b) consider worthy of a Hugo.

    • stchucky says:

      Okay. But the more people who have heard of, and read, the books … the larger the potential nominating pool. Seems pretty clear to me.

      It’s just a sad fact, I have a very small pool of readers and no real visibility. I wouldn’t trade my little pool for anything (unless, you know, I traded it for a way bigger pool which also included my old pool), but it is a very tiny pool compared to the viral independents, let alone the traditionally-published.

    • stchucky says:

      Anyway, it’s a moot point because I messed up the dates, buying a membership now will really do nothing. I’m an eejit.

      If you already have a membership, though, you’re fine.

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