Interlude: Sven and Kristoff

For your enjoyment, I add here a webcomic – of sorts – that I created entirely to deride my esteemed fellow author Lucas “Creepy” Thorn’s comedic efforts on Facebook.

It occurred to me that I have not shared these here, and I really should have a place where I drop them, just for the record. Because as you should all know by now, sometimes the record needs to show that what Creepy says is not okay.

I offer these “jokes” without context or further explanation, in the confidence that you will figure out the general theme quickly enough.








Comics will continue to be created until morale improves, to borrow a phrase.

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3 Responses to Interlude: Sven and Kristoff

  1. stchucky says:

    The attentive reader might see this webcomic format as an overflow from The Witty Retort for cases that don’t quite fit the bill.

    The attentive reader would be right.

  2. brknwntr says:

    I’ll be honest, until the last one I was reading them as a single comic. When I realized that they weren’t, I went back and tried again. Still made no damn sense at all.

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