Interlude: The road to the Hugos

So, let’s begin the campaign.

In 2016 and the beginning of 2017 (Human was published 2017 but copyright 2016, so it counts), I published four books that are eligible for a Best Novel nomination:

Blaran, Andrew Hindle, CreateSpace/Amazon

Molran, Andrew Hindle, CreateSpace/Amazon

Damorak, Andrew Hindle, CreateSpace/Amazon

Human, Andrew Hindle, CreateSpace/Amazon

On top of this, I’m eligible for a nomination for Best Series, for the completed Final Fall of Man sequence (yes, that is an Amazon link where you can buy the whole series for $34.65, a saving of $4.95 or the price of a whole entire book if you buy them all together).

FOLLOW-UP NOTE: It turns out I was mistaken about this, Amazon was too clever for me and detected that I had Eejit already installed on my kindle. Therefore it was offering me a series-box of the remaining seven books. So if you have some of the books, I assume you can get the rest of the series in a single click, but that’s the only saving, the click-calories. Amazon will still charge you for each book. The full series will cost you $39.60. You just won’t have to pay for doubles. Still cheap for an eight-book series, so I’m not sorry.

For the Best Series nomination, you can throw any of the above books as a reference in the field asking for a book from the series.

I have also appeared on a Finnish site talking about who could be nominated. It’s in Finnish but worth a look if you are so inclined. Bless you, Nörttitytöt (Geek Girls).

If you want to join the fun, get your tickets for Worldcon now and nominate before the middle of March! Here’s the website, get voting!

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8 Responses to Interlude: The road to the Hugos

  1. stchucky says:

    I should clarify, the Finnish site was talking about the Hugos, and my name appeared there. I didn’t appear on the site talking about it … well, not until the comments. Which are worth a look if you want to flesh out your voting ballot.

    Also, I believe our dear Cat Protocol is eligible in one of the blogs or artworks categories.

  2. brknwntr says:

    I know technically four of your books are eligible. But I need to investigate how this voting works. If I can only vote once, it’s a clear winner. If I can vote 10 times, but they don’t care if I repeat vote, again, a clear winner. If I can vote for individual books once, the other books will get votes also.

  3. dreameling says:

    Are you absolutely sure Human is eligible? The rules say “published”.

    • stchucky says:

      Another part of the rules say “copyright date on inside leaf”, and that’s 2016 for CreateSpace printing purposes. But no, not absolutely certain. If it doesn’t get a nomination this year, it will never be nominated because I don’t have any following among non-Finland Worldcon attendees.

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