Interlude: The Interlude with No Name (cross a blog-posting dry spell with it sometime!)

Okay, today’s work took way longer than I thought it would for an assortment of dumb reasons, so I didn’t get back to The Myconet. Sorry.

I did, however, just figure out the next step in my Blowing The Lid Off This Whole Damn Thing project, ie. The Andrew Hindle Expanded Urverse Grand Unifying Theory. So I’ll get on with that as soon as I can. Still need to finish this pesky fourth “short” story first.

I got another review for Human, and it’s another lovely one. So far, the book seems to be a pleaser. I was very happy to see that at least some measure of success has come from my efforts to settle all the questions that really need to be answered for this series to work, yet still leave a butt-ton of open questions and WTFity for the reader to wonder just what is going on.

Eeee, so exciting and fun.

I’ve done a bit more on the aki’Pedia as well. Today’s page: the Tramp.

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